Landscapes 2012: A Time of Transition

In the Summer 2012, I was lucky enough to study a course in mixed media with American artist Andrea Borsak at the Centro, where I volunteer and paint. I learnt a great deal and had a fantastic inspiring time. I directly credit Andrea with many of the breakthroughs in my work in the last two years. She set me on a new path, helping me bring texture and spontaneity to my pictures, and this has led to the regular use of stencils and incorporation of collage into my current work.

Since it was a period of transition for my work, the result is a mixed bag as I veer between a variety of methods and media, but I wanted to feature some of the more interesting pieces on my website. Especially since they form a 'missing link' between the figurative plein air approach of my earlier landscapes and what follows after.

I also made my first foray into working in ink, which features in several of the mixed media pieces as well as a number of ink drawings. I include some examples here.

As the ink, collage and acrylic are used together, I find the interplay of more transparent media versus opaque ones very exciting. It's an area that I continue to play with and explore.

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